ISAB S.r.l.
ISAB S.r.l.


Human Resources are an indispensable element for the existence, growth and success of every business. ISAB therefore pays special attention in developing, safeguarding and enhancing the capabilities and skills of all its employees, so as to enable them to express their full potential and professionalism.

In view of the Company's strategic goal of maintaining industrial safety and labor and environmental protection in all plants and offices under its control, ISAB adheres to the principle of the priority of employees' life, health and safety over production results and ensures the fulfillment of law rules and its own commitments outlined in the Corporate Policies in industrial safety and labor and environmental protection.

The employment contract of ISAB's personnel is governed by the current National Collective Labor Contract for Energy and Oil Sector, notoriously one of the most rewarding of the Italian contractual landscape, as well as by company agreements, which are scrupulously applied in their entire ty to all interested workers.

ISAB believes in the importance of a constant professional growth of its human resources and regularly hires young technicians (graduates from university or high school) in possession of a potential for development, to ensure the realization of career paths and the presence of professionally qualified resources, able to cover the Company's key positions essential to achieve its targets.

ISAB professionally trains newly hired technicians through theoretical lessons in its own Training Center and practical training "on the job". For young graduates it is foreseen a specific path of compensation and professional development, characterized by managerial and professional training courses.