ISAB S.r.l.
ISAB S.r.l.


The SOUTH Plants were start to be built in 1972 as a stand-alone refinery originally called ISAB (Industry of Sicilian Asphalt and Bitumen). The plants went into production in 1975 with a refining capacity of 11 million tonnes of crude oil per year, which was increased in 1997 to 12 million tonnes.

The NORTH Plants, build in the mid  1950's as a petrochemical site originally called SINCAT (Catanese Industrial Company), went into production in the sixties with a refining capacity of over 17 million tonnes. After various assignments and transfers, the last to ENI AGIP, the ERG Group bought the North Plants (Refineries, Tanks area, Jetties) in 2002, joining it with the SOUTH Plants to create a "Super-site" refinery called ERG Raffinerie Mediterranee — Raffineria ISAB.

In 2008, ERG sold to LUKOIL a 49% share in ISAB, with a so called "put" option. Following the exercise, in various tranches, by ERG of the put option, on 1st January 2014, LUKOIL became the sole stakeholder of ISAB.

Gasification and Electricity Cogeneration Plants

ERG along with EDISON MISSION ENERGY set up in 1993 the Company ISAB ENERGY (owned 51% ERG and 49% EDISON MISSION ENERGY) for the construction of the Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Plant (IGCC), first in Europe for the Catalytic Gasification of the TAR (the heavier rate of the products coming from refining of crude oil) and the subsequent cogeneration of electricity from syngas.

In 2000 ISAB Energy started to produce and sell electricity.

On 1st July 2014, ISAB Energy S.r.l. sold to ISAB S.r.l. the business unit consisting of TAR Gasification Plant, together with electricity cogeneration systems, which today, as part of the ISAB Refinery — SOUTH Plants, is called IGCC Process Area.

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