ISAB S.r.l.
ISAB S.r.l.



General Manager of ISAB S.r.l.​

Birth date: 1982


Graduated in Economics from the University of Geneva, MBA in Business Administration and Management (IMD Business School EMBA, Switzerland).


Since 2008 he has held various senior positions in various companies of the Lukoil Group in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

From 2018 he held the role of Deputy General Manager for Finance and Economics at ISAB.

From 16 September 2022 he has been appointed as General Manager.


Industrial data - ISAB S.r.l.

ISAB S.r.l. is an Italian limited liability company belonging to the LUKOIL group, 100% controlled by LITASCO SA (Switzerland), 100% controlled by LUKOIL INTERNATIONAL GmbH (Austria), 100% controlled by PAO "LUKOIL" (Russia).

Number of direct employees: approximately 1.000.

Number of direct contractors employees: approximately 1.500.

Number of indirectly contractors employees: approximately 500.

Revenue in 2021: around 3 billion euros.

Financial volume generated in Sicily: about 600 million euros per year.

Investments in ISAB from 2008 to 2022: approximately 1,2 billion euros.

Annual refining capacity: 10 million tons with a maximum of 14 million tons.

Annual electricity production capacity: approximately 4,3 TWh equal to approximately 24% of Sicilian requirements.

Volumes of fuels intended for self-traction: more than 600.000 tons per year equal to about 46% of Sicilian requirements.

Industrial integration with the production sites of Air Liquide, ERG, Versalis and Priolo Servizi and main terminal operator for volumes handled in the harbors of Augusta and Syracuse.

ISAB's production values in the first half of 2022 are shown below:

1) Processing of crude and semi-finished products: about 5,5 million tons;

2) Production of electricity from the IGCC plants: approximately 500 MW from synthesis gas derived from asphalt.