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Product quality control




ISAB's Chemical Laboratory performs all kind of analysis on finished products according to commercial specifications and it is also able to perform routine analysis on semi — finished products. It operates on several fields:

  • routine analysis (daily quality control of process streams);

  • commercial analysis (quality control of finished products and raw materials);

  • cnalysis on water (quality control of water effluents);

  • chromatography (It is used to determine the components present in a product by means of separation within a specific chromatographic column. In particular, the ISAB Laboratory performs by chromatography the determination of the various families of hydrocarbons in gasoline and in gases);

  • analysis on CFR motors (used to determinate the gasoline octane number or antiknock, and the gasoil cetane number or readiness power);

  • atomic absorption (it is used to determinate the metals content in products);

  • crude assay determination by TBP / PotStill equipments (they are used to determinate the row material's processing yields by equipment that simulate topping and vacuum plants).

The experimental activities (tests, measurements, analyze) are integral and vital part of the production processes of products and services, and many of them are the "heart" of the quality assurance.

ISAB's Chemical Laboratory, which constitute the "skeleton" of the system for quality, operates by carrying out tests accurately recorded in the corresponding test reports.

The accreditation of ISAB's Laboratory is aimed at ensuring its technical competence and therefore the reliability of tests' results.

The accreditation of testing laboratories in Italy are carried out by ACCREDIA , private non-profit association formed in 2009 , being independent and representative of all stakeholders, provides users, through periodic technical inspections, competence and impartiality of the Accredited laboratories in carrying out the tests operate in accordance with ISO/IEC 17011.

It also guarantees surveillance over the compliance of laboratories with standard UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 and with the requirements of ACCREDIA.

ACCREDIA stipulated, within EA (European cooperation for Accreditation), a multilateral agreement on mutual recognition with the national accrediting agencies of many countries in Europe and beyond. It was also signed by ACCREDIA, and has been operational since 2001, the international agreement ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation), attended by the accrediting agencies from over 30 countries around the world.

The Chemical Laboratory of ISAB Srl obtained, on 21st October 1999, the accreditation No. 0255 for the required tests, that expires on February 22nd, 2021. Attached there is a list of accredited tests with field flexible.


  • Certificate of accreditation
  • List of accredited tests